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A trip up north: Day 1

As I write this, Ashley and I are enjoying a weekend in Northern New York/Quebec. We are camping at Ausable Point State Park on Lake Champlain. The park is about 2 hours north of New Yorks capital and 30 minutes south of the Canadian border. Our site is not super close to the water but it makes up for that with a nice path that cuts through the woods and acts as a shortcut to the beach. 

After setting up camp around 2 pm, We attempted to go to the Ben&Jerry’s factory for a tour of the famous ice cream makers operating facilities and get to learn their roots, but let it be know, DO NOT go to the factory in St. Albans, Vermont. Some misleading info may take you there for the tour and museum but that is all you will find indeed…. a factory. We made this mistake and after about a 45 minute drive, we were not ready to travel the addition hour to the correct location and instead enjoyed a local gift shop, picked up some maple syrup, and traveled the country side. Waterbury, VT is the correct location of the museum and factory tour and this will be tackled on Saturday for us!

I am sharpening my French tonight as we will be visiting Montreal tomorrow and enjoying an abundance of history and culture. We are told we have to have a true Montreal bagel and local Poutine, which neither Ashley nor I have too many concerns if we will be able to accomplish that! 

We hope to catch the sunrise tomorrow morning and will be sure to share that view!


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  1. I love it!! Great content Ross, thanks for the good warning, I’ll make sure to watch for that as I’m quite the fan of the world’s 2 most famous stoners. Ice cream for life baby!!


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