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Top reasons to use Google Flights

First and foremost, if you are not already using google flights when planning a vacation, it is a great tool and I highly recommend! Save the actual booking for another means(which we will discuss) but for finding the best flight for you, Google Flights is the way to go.

-Explore destinations

This is my favorite feature and I’m sure it will be yours too. Simply enter your departure location, dates of travel, then select “explore destinations and it will pull up a map and you can see flight prices for hundreds of cities. So if you know you want to go somewhere but don’t know EXACTLY where, this tool rocks.


-Get trending price alerts

If you are using Google Flights on your phone, you can receive notifications about when a certain flight’s price is going to shoot up. This isn’t available for all itineraries but can you save you some money and give you the leisure of not having to guess when the price is going to change.

-Google will filter the best Flight

When you start a search, Google will automatically filter the flights and place the one that is the best bang for your buck at the top. This means less stops, money saved, and more favorable layovers.


-Get swap suggestions to save money

When you are choosing your flights, Google will suggest swaps to help save you money. For example, the program will suggest leaving one day earlier or flying from an airport that is only a short drive away. If you have flexible dates this tool is invaluable. My wfe utilized this particular feature when flying to Maui. An airport that was only a 3 1/2 hour drive away saved us $920 PER TICKET!


How should I book?

Always book directly with the airline after you find the flight on Google Flights. Unless you can book through an American express or Chase portal. Also, make sure you are getting some sort of reward for your flight. Make sure you sign up for the free rewards program for that airline and pay using a card that will earn you points such as the Chase Saphirre reserve (5x on airline purchases).


If you or someone you know has dealt with any travel mishaps such as missed baggage, cancelled flights, booking a hotel in the wrong city, missing your sign up bonus on a credit card offer, or anything at all, please email me at letsgetaway7@gmail.com and I would love to feature your story in an article with some help for next time!



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