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Sights to be seen in Montreal

We will be staying on Lake Champlain in northeast New York State at the end of August for 4 days. Very excited to escape the hustle and bustle of home, we will make an exception to the slow pace of our trip and venture over to a city we are SO excited to discover, Montreal!

Montreal is the 2nd largest primarily French speaking city in the World, only behind Paris. Couple that with a city that was founded in 1642 in New France and you get a city that has a strong European vibe. Ashley studied French in her schooling so she is excited, and I studied French in our kitchen, so I will stick to English!

We plan on making the most of our visit and will be gravitating towards Old Montreal, the historic district dating back to the founding of the city.

Landmarks along the historic district include the Notre-Dame Basilica, a grand Gothic Revival church built in the 1820s, with a massive century-old pipe organ inside and beautiful stained glass depicting scenes from Montreal’s storied religious history.


Also on the list of stops will be the Centre d’Histoire de Montrea which offers 3 floors of exhibitions dedicated to the cities history. Champ-de-Mars Park, home of the oldest remaining section of the city’s early fortification wall, and Château Ramezay, a museum home housed in a residence dating back to 1705 which at one point was home to a former governor of New France.


Venturing outside of Old Montreal we will be checking out Parc Mont-Royal, a park set atop a mountain that is believed to be the inspiration for Montreal being named, and The Undergound City, a series connected offices, hotels, shops, residential and commercial complexes, convention halls, universities and performing arts venues that encompass the bulk of Montreal’s business district.

We love history of all kinds so we can not wait to visit this historic city! It will be trip filled with Poutine, history, art, and much more!



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