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Where to next?

We are so excited to be making travel a priority in our lives and can not wait to start checking off some dream locations!

The rest of this year will consist of a long weekend in August spent somewhere either in Florida or South Carolina on a beach (we are still in the midst of booking). After that, some camping trips in the northeast are on the list. Coastal camping for labor day, most likely New England or Maryland, and a Mountain trip in the Adirondacks in NYS for Columbus day.

Then the real fun starts!

At the end of the year we will be heading to the city of lights! PARIS!


This is Ashley’s #1 dream location (tied with Italy I think…..).

I am so excited and we will spend about a week in France after Christmas time with our families at home.

Things on deck are the usual spots for first timers but as we get closer I will begin to narrow down the itinerary. We definitely will be taking a day trip to the beaches of Normandy.

This will be our first trip of 2018 and will set the stage for a wonderful year together!

Then What?

Ashley’s studies are very demanding so it only leaves us a couple week break in the early part of summer for something longer than a 4 day weekend.

This time in June will be taken advantage of with a trip we have always talked about, my #1 location and the land of my ancestors, Italy!

Since we will have about 11 days to spend here I plan on a 3 stop trip including Rome, Florence, and Venice. I am sure someday we will go back and experience some of the other spots like Amalfi, Milan, Sorrento, and Sicily to name a few, but I think this will be a good introduction to the country for us.

Some smaller trips in the states will wrap up 2018 for us including out west to the grand canyon and utah national parks, and some more cities we have yet to explore.

The next 18 months will be special for sure!



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