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Maui in a Nutshell

Aloha everybody!

I hope everyone is doing wonderful. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a few folks took the time to read my introduction post, that means a lot!

Since this is my first official piece (not just an intro post) , I decided to feature our most recent trip to Maui, to kick off our blog!


We stayed at the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea, and could not have asked for a better experience! The service was impeccable, starting with a check-in process that made you feel like a VIP (even though we were nowhere near) and continuing with a bell hop that had as much knowledge as the concierge desk.

One of the main reasons we chose this resort over the nearby Fairmont or Grand Wailea was the no resort fee feature. This was a great bargain since a resort fee in Maui can run around $40 per night. A resort fee typically is charged in order to provide services like wifi, snorkels and other equipment, valet, and other perks. The Four Seasons charged no resort fee for these services and in turn provided the most value!


The resort featured three saltwater pools, 4 unique restaurants (we tried 3), complimentary sunscreen and water, pool/beachside service including snacks and treats, speedy valet, and many complimentary water activities and rentals. You could spend a week on the island and never have to leave the Resort grounds, but you would miss all the adventure Maui has to offer!


The resort cozied right up to quaint Wailea Beach. It was a great beach in a smaller bay that never got too crowded and was wonderful for snorkeling since the surf never got too large. Plenty of marine life was right off shore to discover, including Honu (Green Sea Turtles) and the Hawaiian state fish, humahumanukanukaapua, a mouthful, I know. Call them Humahuma for short.



If a larger beach is what you prefer, a short 5-minute drive to the neighboring town of Makena offers ‘Big Beach’. Conveniently located next to ‘Little Beach’, Big beach is quintessential Hawai’i and is most likely what you picture when you think of a tropical Island. It is a state park, (admission is free) so make sure you bring your own sunscreen , chairs, etc. We only spent about an hour here since we didn’t have the proper sun protection. Make sure if you go, you head over early. It is a popular beach and with admission being free, parking can be scarce later in the day!


Another unique beach is Waianapanapa Black Sand Beach, located about 10 minutes north of Hana on the east side of the island. This beach is one of the last attractions on the Road to Hana and make sure you stop! This beach is made up of black sand from lava rock and a short hike down to a bay will bring you to the spot. This was my favorite beach on the island! We spent an hour or so here as well and would have stayed longer if it was not so far from the resort.

Honeymoon 2


My favorite part of vacation! On vacation you can eat whatever you want right?

Most of our breakfasts and lunches consisted of local diners, sandwich shops and coffee bars, which I highly recommend. It gives you a less touristy feel of the island and a glimpse into where the locals eat. For dinner we splurged and ate at DUO (a steak and seafood restaurant), Ferraro’s (an Italian bistro), and the lobby lounge (which was the resort lobby specializing in small plates). We had a sunset dinner cruise booked on the Ali’i Nui for our last night, which provided an unforgettable experience. We also attended a luau called The Feast at LeLe, which was located in Lahaina, booked for our first night. The luau is a must, which provided private seating instead of the traditional 10 person party seating. If your budget calls for it, splurge on the Dinner Cruise. You’re in Hawai’i after all!


We flew with American and had an experience that left us a little uneasy as AAdvantage members. Our layover was in Dallas on the way to Maui, which left us with an 8-hour leg on a plane with no Wi-Fi. We were a bit disappointed after opting for business class to be stuck with no Wi-Fi. The airline did show a couple movies on the flight but neither were anything to write home about. The schedule home was much more convenient since our layover was in Los Angeles meant a shorter 5-hour flight home. Our flight was delayed a few times before being cancelled and trusting WestJet airlines to handle the trek home, which was no biggie. Our fears were confirmed when we landed and went to baggage claim and our bags never came out, along with 30 other passengers who were on the same itinerary as us. AA did credit me 7,500 miles which made the ordeal less troublesome.

We will be back Hawaii!!

What an amazing trip. I highly recommend going to Maui if you only have the time for one island since it provides a little bit of everything, shopping, hiking, beaches, exploring. It was an unbelievable trip!

If anyone has ever encountered our luggage scenario I would love to hear what the airline did for you. Let us know in the comments and thanks for reading our first piece! We can’t wait for more to come! 🙂







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