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Let the Journey begin

What a journey it is.

Hello everybody!

I am so excited to start this blog after thinking about it for quite sometime. I have always enjoyed writing and my wife and I love to travel, so why not combine the two! All of our travel is booked ourselves (we find it much more fun that way), and we usually explore and research the locations using local information instead of the use of a tour guide. We have found this way of traveling to provide a much more rewarding experience and we learn a lot more about the locations this way.

We have been to some amazing places and wonderful cities, yet our travel wishlist remains very long. Recently, we have decided to donate most of our free time and extra assets into our travel interests, introducing a frugal lifestyle, and will soon be crossing locations and experiences off our list. Along the way, we will be reviewing hotels, airlines, specific flights, cities, resorts, local attractions and experiences, in hopes that someone can learn from our experiences and apply them to their own travel plans!

I am so eager for you all to join us for our journey and I hope to help anyone who is planning on making a trip to a place we have previously visited or will be visiting in the future!








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